Maine Photographer Fred J. Field
Maine Photographer Fred Field: Editorial, Portrait and Landscape Photography in Portland Maine
Harvard University Student Juliet Girard.
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Fred has developed a way to take his years of newspaper photography and mix it with the look of high-end art photography. The result is that he works quickly but the results speak to the contrary. His subjects take on a wonderful glow and it is this that sets his images apart from others. Furthermore, his personable approach allows him to really capture his subjects. The results are always wonderful.
Jennifer Carling
Art Director, Harvard Magazine

Fred is a spectacular photographer. He is equally adept at breaking news, sports or features. In a trade where a hundredth of a second may be the difference betweeen triumph and tragedy, Fred is a master. His portraits are works of art his scenics are breathtaking. He has taken home his share of awards over the years, but in the day-in, day-out excellence that is the true mark of a great news photographer, he is among the best. He puts everything he has into every assignment, from a routine headshot to a killer storm.

This is a guy who knows his stuff.
Ken Johnson
Senior News Editor, The Patriot Ledger, Quincy, Mass.

Fred Field's work as a photographer first came to my attention several years ago by having seen his images in the newspaper. His photographs, even on newsprint, had a kind of glow, as if lit from within. They were technically excellent, and their composition would be hard to improve upon. I was so impressed with his lighting technique that I e-mailed him a fan letter, asking if he might give me some lessons, even though I have been a professional photographer for some forty years. I do know excellent photography when I see it.

We did meet. I did learn. And we've been fast friends ever since. A nicer guy and a more consummate professional would be hard to find.

William Hubbell
National Geographic contributing photographer
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