Maine Photographer Fred J. Field
Maine Photographer Fred Field: Editorial, Portrait and Landscape Photography in Portland Maine
Best-selling Author Douglas Preston was threatened with jail in Italy.

Fred Field Testimonials

Over the last twenty years, as a bestselling author, I have been photographed by many professional photographers, both in America and Europe. Some took more care than others, some were more creative than others, and the results ranged from excellent to mediocre. But for almost all of them it was, essentially, an assignment.

No photographer before took the care, or made the intense creative effort, that Fred Field did. For Field, it was more than a newspaper assignment; It was a creative endeavor. The results reflected this effort. Almost everyone who saw the picture on the front page of the Boston Globe said more less the same thing: "This is the best picture of you I've ever seen." It was more than an assignment, a picture, or even a portrait—there was something about it that raised it to a work of art.

Douglas Preston
Author of The Relic and Tyrannosaur Canyon


Fred knows how to make photos that appeal visually. But more important that that, he always knows that for a picture to really succeed, it has give information, clearly and concisely, to the viewer. One excellent example of that ability is the compelling photo of a game warden on snowshoes facing off with a moose that won Fred an award of excellence in 2003 from the extremely competitive Pictures Of the Year International competition's newspaper spot news category.

Fred isn’t "just a photographer." He is truly a highly-skilled, very responsible, passionate photojournalist.

David Sutherland
Professor of Visual Interactive Communications, New Media
Syracuse University

Fred J. Field Photograhy